Collie & Sheltie Rescue of Middle TN

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Adoption Information

Thank you for considering one of our rescues! We take great pride in matching our rescues with the right home as it is very important to us that both dog and human are happy! If we do not have any pets currently listed that you are interested in, but you are interested in adopting the right pet that may become available, you can become 'pre-approved' to expedite the process.

Adoption/Pre-approval Procedures are as follows:
  1. Initial contact via email - Adoption Application
  2. Mandatory phone interview after initial email contact. Please make sure your phone number and times for contact are provided.
  3. Vet references (you must tell your veterinarian that a representative from Collie & Sheltie Rescue of Middle TN will be contacting them for a reference).
  4. Pictures of homestead (incl. front & back yard, fencing, gates, front of home, main living area and street/neighborhood shot).
  5. Home visit.
  6. Appointment to meet the dog.

The adopting family:
  • Agrees that no member of the family has ever been charged with cruelty to animals.
  • Will keep the dog as a house pet and not cast outside in a doghouse or tied to a chain or cable run.
  • Will provide a fenced yard.
  • Will provide sufficient food, water, shelter and veterinary care.
  • Will obtain and keep a current dog license and rabies tag.
  • Will have the dog examined by a vet within ten (10) days from the date of the adoption.
  • Will have a 30-day trial period of adjustment during which time the collie may be returned to us for a refund of 1/2 the adoption fee.
  • In the event that the adopting family is unable to keep the dog for whatever reason, we MUST be notified & we will assist in its placement. At no time may the dog be taken to an animal shelter, sold, leased, or given away.
  • Will, in the event that the adoptive family determines that the adopted collie must be returned to us; agree to bear all costs and make all arrangements related to the return of the collie(s) to us
  • If the collie is a puppy and has not been altered at the time of the adoption due to age, a deadline will be established at the time of adoption. The adopting family will have to schedule a spay/neuter appt. with their vet, provide the date to us for follow up and will provide written evidence of the surgery.
  • The adopting family agrees that if one of our representatives determines that the terms and conditions of this agreement have not been met or that the dog is not receiving proper care, the adopting family agrees to surrender custody of the dog upon demand. Should it be necessary to litigate in connection with any dispute, the adopting family agrees to pay all court costs and attorneys fees.

We do not warrant the temperament or behavior of either the rescue Collie or Sheltie or that it is free of genetic defects. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any acts of the rescue dog while living with the adopting family.